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The brilliant minds of the 20th century already figured out all the solutions to the World’s biggest problems. Hiyma World Foundation aims to implement all needed solutions to increase the quality of life for all beings on Earth. We need your help to make this happen!

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Inspire people to take action. Implementing all change needed for a better life on Earth.

High Impact Solutions
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Looking for Hiyma Helpers from ON, Canada

Our Project

High impact solutions are being developed to increase the quality of life for all on this planet.

Client buys item @ low cost

Every client who buys from the HWF, their purchased goods will be put aside and not received by end client.

Hiyma Helpers

Hiyma Helpers then take the purchased items and gives them to all in need.

Working Together

Building up people’s lives happens within the local levels of communities.

Worldwide Growth

The goal is to increase the quality of life of ALL.

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