Hello, we are BuyEasy

We’re inspired to pursue to leave a dent in the universal landscape,
to shape change in e-commerce markets across the globe.

BuyEasy Wholesale Network
Partner IncentiveS
Hybrid Digital Innovation

Why choose us ?

BuyEasy is a hub that connects global markets with global business. We inspire innovation through building strategic partnership with surrounding local small and medium-sized businesses to create projects that will make significant advances in everyday life.

Technology Development
Creative Business Marketing
Innovation Around Small Businesses

Innovative Network

We believe to work collaboratively with local retail and wholesale businesses.

Local Concept Network

A new kind of innovation that creates ecosystems in which people are empowered pursuing the economic benefit of technologies to build businesses.

Innovative Approach

Reinventing a shift of commerce in consumer and business, retail and wholesale markets.

Apart of Hiyma’s Concept Network

New Foundation

BuyEasy + Hiyma.com

We’re building a community with local business that allows Hiyma to drive the rollout of our Product Research and Development teams and then we begin to start to redefine global markets as a whole.

Wholesale Partner IncentiveS

We’re utilizing existing infrastructure leading to the constant re-innovation of the milkman. Positioned to build local supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, cash and carry’s and in the near future, Hiyma Branded Supermarkets.

Virtual Supermarket

We aim to be leaders in purchasing, trading, and innovating around many aspects of the supply chain. Building a Smart Grocery Platform for both Businesses and Consumers across Earth.

Inspiring trust in a new way

We utilize an innovative approach in reinventing a shift of commerce in consumer and business, retail and wholesale markets.

Digital Innovation Community (DINC)

The DINC is a hybrid universal currency that has the means to increase the World’s quality of life percentage far out of Earth’s atmosphere. The DiIn is the beginning of restoring the current unbalanced power of the economy.

Community Development

We are now far into the digital age where our economy has shifted from the traditional industry to an economy based on the use of technology advancements. However a powerful new currency is emerging — and it’s based on trust.

Grocery Industry, reInnovative across Earth

The grocery market, one of the largest consumer markets in the world, is forecast to reach $8.5 trillion by 2020. It is reaching a digital tipping point, with much of its growth to come from online.

Expected online growth 2020 $290 billion
6,000 Manufactures
2020 Households buying Online
BuyEasy + your Business


BuyEasy + your Business


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